tadpohl.com picture books

tadpohl.com picture books

tadpohl.com is a brand new concept. It's a continuous, online "picture-book" for people from the age of 4 and up! All the pages can be read here for free.

By subscribing and paying $1 per 6 pages, supporters can also download high-res printable files and eBooks for iPad and Kindle as they are completed. Patrons also get discounts on new merchandise and the satisfaction of helping a worthwhile cause!

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How the baboon got rid of his fleas!

Is the working title of the first tadpohl.com online picture book, keep coming back to find out how he manages it in the end (without the use of harmful insecticides or flea collars! Obviously)

*Updated as pages are added*

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Surfshack Outreach Programme

Surfshack outreach programme

tadpohl.com supports the Surfshack Outreach Programme, whose primary goal is to give young children from disadvantaged communities opportunities they would not ordinarily have, and to show them that there is an alternative to township life.

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Annoyed Flea Victims1

Saddle billed storks disrupt ghastly flea invasion


The Saddle-billed storks were not amused. The International Conference on Fleas Issues (ICFI) had messed up their flight path – and being such big birds they were unable to turn in time. As a result, they flew right through the middle of the conference! This happened to suit the fleas’ master-plan perfectly.


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