Fernando Invents Socks! is an awesome new children’s picture-book-in-progress from tadpohl.com. It is eco-conscious (but not preachy), funny (yet truly original), quirky (but not weird) and educational (but not bone-crushingly boring!) 

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“In this picture book for eco-warriors from the age of four and up, Fernando (a penguin) and Judith (his feathery friend from abroad – a travelling hen) save their environment and form a fun, lucrative business in the process! Turning disaster to opportunity, lemons to lemonade, and by snatching victory from the jaws of defeat Fernando and Judith avoid ending up as sea lions’ stew by knitting the string they are caught up in, into socks. Soon they have averted an ecological disaster, invented a new thing, improved the safety of the penguin colony’s feet and made a tonne of “cash”!

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