"The Meaning of Life" according to Gudo [ optimistically available on posters & prints ]. This comic includes a guide to the yoga sequence "Sun Salutation A"!

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5.h. Adho Mukha Shvanasana


“Shat” is not a rude word if it’s said in Sanskrit. FYI. It means Six, षट् to be exact :-)


You may not remember that decision..
but your are exactly where you want to be

After hearing this you *should be thrilled,
that’s the whole point of it you see!


*But you probably aren’t.. lol

5.g. Why you have not chosen a “perfect” life


Now I’ve received a lot of grief over this and the previous one… people say that if they really were “The Universe expanding under their own direction” then they certainly would not be living in a cardboard box on the side of the road, or stuck in a job they hate with people they don’t get along with… or unhappy. They’d be more “Universie”, or “godlike” … lol.

This though, is the whole point – and whether your life is dull, or uncomfortable or simply unbearably unpleasant – that is the challenge your higher self has set yourself and you have to rise up to it… people do it all the time, just decide now – that it’s your turn!

You’re probably chortling to yourself,
“Why would I choose a life that’s not nice?”

But such a life would become dull,
like watching a tedious *art movie twice!


*It would be unfair to say which one exactly.

5.f. Looking askance at this crazy ***ed baboon!


Nobody appears to notice Umhu’s hurt feelings (Mosquitoes do, incidentally, have feelings). While showing us how to do “Four Limbed Staff Pose” Gudo questions (perhaps a bit defensively) our confidence in his explanation thus far.

Now I see you looking askance
at this crazy-*assed baboon

.. and wondering “what **drugs is he on”
or “could this be some effect of the ***moon?”


*Ass is not a swear word, so this cartoon retains its all-ages rating. I checked.
**People with too much clarity are sometimes accused of being on drugs.
***The moon used to get blamed a lot too, although not so much anymore.

5.e. Umhu gets a bit carried away


Mr. Umhutu can’t *contain himself and shouts out instructions for the next Asana (posture) … frustrating others  who were taking rather more interest in what Gudo was saying to what he was doing.

Chatuari, Exhale!



*Mosquitos have a tendency to get over-excited sometimes. Observe the **restraint shown  on a fresh English tourist’s leg (for best results observe a young female leg that has been left neglectfully free of repellent) at sundown on the Zambezi, during the rainy season!!

**There is no restraint at all.

5.d. You’re the Universe expanding under your own direction!


Uttanasana B or “Intense forward bending pose B” :-)

You’re *the Universe expanding
under your own direction

You’re the concept,
The Creator, the cloth,
and the Creation


*This is possibly better read as “your Universe”, since your perception of the Universe is completely different from anybody, or anything else’s – depending on your own beliefs. If you believe it is a safe Universe with your best interests at heart, then that is how you will experience it. If you believe it is unfair and cruel, then that is how it will be.


5.c. You are NOT a sinful minion!



“Intense Forward-Bending Pose”, or “Uttanasana A”

You are *NOT a sinful minion,
**helpless before some Mighty God

Neither are you an ***accident,
assembled randomly by chance…


*One of the most disempowering  and damaging beliefs found in organised religion is encapsulated in this frame – we are not “Born in Sin”, neither is there some judgemental God looking down on us, ready to strike us in case we do something bad… or send us to Hell For Ever (People actually believe this, a LOT of people).
**The very idea is ridiculous.
***So is this (for the scientists)

You may or may not agree, but there is no such thing as eternal punishment, or temporary punishment such as Karma (as it is sometimes viewd) – but there is a balancing, so you must know that if you are cruel, you’ll probably experience the other side of that at some stage… and it probably won’t be fun…. but it’s your choice.

5.b. “Upward Tree Position” or “Urdhva Vrikshasana”


There are characters in the stories,
each one is a focus of you!

All of them existing *simultaneously,
yet working perfectly in **tune…


*Since time is an illusion, all of our “past” and “future” lives, or focuses are taking place right now!
**And, I believe, we can have a positive effect on them through the way we live this one.

As a side-note, and since Yoga is a form of meditation I’ve posted the video below.

I did the Art of Living course quite a few years ago in Harare, it’s a great course. Especially if you feel that you struggle with “meditation”, and just don’t get it and are unable to stop fidgeting  - The Art of Living and it’s founder (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) are doing Exceptional things in this world, (with a capital E… as you may have noticed) and although I’ve taken another route as far as my “spiritual tendencies” are concerned, the Sudurshan Kriya (which is the breathing meditation that they teach) is my daily medication. It affects my life in very subtle but powerful ways. Do it if you can! There should be an Art of Living Centre near you.

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