The Beginning

Where a little orphaned tadpole,
from the minute it is born
Has to think on it's feet.
Or be from top-to-tail torn!

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Crocodile Moves To Bite Obnoxious Tadpole

Crocodile looms in to bite little tadpole


tadpole makes desperate suggestion …

Exactly one minute later…

As the *behemoth loomed in,
getting ready to bite…
Tad shouted “WAIT!”

“Do we really need to fight?!”

And staring into it’s eyes
[with things looking progressively dire]
he sheepishly asked, “what if the first one to blink …
does whatever the other desires?”

(‘Well I had decided not to eat it,
but I’m impressed all the same!

What courage this thing has!
I think I’ll play his little game…’)

*The crocodile

Pictures and words ©brad pohl

Crocodile moves in to bite bold tadpole

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