In the Depths of Darkest Africa (well, not that dark but still quite dark) lurks Brad Pohl – who creates quirky, intelligent picture books for children, inspired by the spectacular scenery and the creatures that infest it. He’s just completed his first book “The Gang of Five (Part 1)” and with your help will complete many more 🙂

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Aviator fleas, heros of "The Gang of Five" first free kids picture book at tadpohl.

“In this picture book for daredevils from the age of four and up, five impish fleas embark on a final mission to Quite Dark Africa. Is this an adventure for the type of fleas who tremble in the face of danger? Oh no. This is an adventure for The Gang of Five! The Undisputed Masters Of Itch were on one final career-defining mission . . . and NOBODY was safe!”

Intelligent, quirky children's picture book inspired by Africa

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