The Beginning

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The Adopted Amphibian

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2.g. There Must Be A Secret!


The other penguins all think that Fernando has some deep hidden secret – how else could he keep his cool when all around were losing their heads? How is he a regular at the front of the March, in the warmest part of the huddle… able to choose the easiest and fastest route to the sea and back again?! Some even say that *he has a pet sea-lion!

He cruises through smoothly every year like a breeze
Passing his friends with relative ease!
It confounds the others! (They haven’t a clue)
There must be some secret that they’ve managed to lose

…but when he tells them the answer
It’s not the one they want found!
It sounds too much like admin,
too much messing around…

I remember the day, when he explained to his waddle,
exactly how he lived, a very simple life model
and standing quite high on that black frozen cliff
he had to speak quickly, before they all froze quite stiff.


* cannot verify this.

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