20% of the proceeds from the Patreon page will go towards paying for a second eye operation for Blessing Chanza, a little girl in Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe).

Blessing’s story:
Blessing was four years old when an old piece of rusty wire went into her eye. Two years ago she was playing outside her classroom during a break when her jersey got caught on an old fence. Upon giving it a vigorous tug the jersey broke free, but the piece of wire it was hooked on sprang back and right into her eye.

Due to this unhappy accident (and not helped by the mismanagement of the school and the hospital she was taken to), Blessing has lost most of the sight in her one eye.

Through the efforts of her father’s employee and the community of Victoria Falls, she was able to visit a respected eye surgeon in Bulawayo. The eye was attended to properly at last, and her lens removed. She was given exercises and special glasses to wear to exercise the damaged eye in preparation for second operation at a later date. This second operation would be to insert a new intraocular lens which should improve her vision considerably.

After a recent checkup, the doctor has confirmed that she can go in for the operation as soon as the funds are available. The operation will cost around US$1800.

Official letter from the doctor

Recovering after the first operation

Not a happy business

Blessing in her school uniform

Throwing shade

Getting a check up