$1 from the sale of every copy of Fernando Invents Socks! will go toward building a new playground for the Malama Feeding Centre.

The Malama Feeding Centre is on the shore of Lake Malawi. It provides food and a pre-school education for young children between 3 and 5 years from the small village of Cape Maclear.

Many parents live on the poverty line and struggle to feed and educate their kids. Ann Davidson and Elizabeth Chigamba work tirelessly for them, using their own resources and funds from donors.

The children don’t have a playground to play in during their breaks – just a patch of sand. So with the help of a metal worker in Blantyre, I’d like to help raise the funds to build a proper playground with a jungle gym and swings etc.

Look at the pictures, how can you possibly resist their cuteness?! 🙂