Fernando Invents Socks!

A children’s book (suitable for ages 3-8) about a penguin (Fernando) and his friend Judith (a couch-surfing chicken) who escape almost certain disaster, save their environment, and start a lucrative up-cycling venture through a mixture of luck, pluck and ingenuity!

A timely, awesome book which shows kids how looking after the environment can be fun and rewarding!

+ Planet Saving Advice!

This amazing book includes an infographic at the end that explains the ocean trash crisis in a clear and simple way, and also offers some ideas to children as to how they can help.

“The story is adorable, illustrations are impressive, and the rhyming is genius – fun reading for children who want to be a part of the solution!”

Alexander Fuller, author of “Don’t Let’s go to the Dogs Tonight”.


Weight 300 g
Dimensions 297 × 210 × 0.5 cm

Fernando Invents Socks!

Happy readers from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – Mackenzie, Jake and Marcus!

2 reviews for Fernando Invents Socks

  1. Shaunagh

    Witty, well written and relevant. This is a story with such a great message . Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommend. I will definitely be reading it to my class of Grade 2s.

  2. Leesa

    What a beautiful book. Creative and original and such an important message for us all – young an old alike.

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