Please note that this book has been withdrawn for some minor changes and improvements, oh, and for your information, the title will be changed to “How The Baboon got its Fleas!” 🙂 Check back soon for availability.

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Flashback 1 – The Great Stampede of 2003:

One of the first projects that gained The Gang of Five immediate attention, the fleas managed to cause a great stampede (Out of stampede season!) Never had such an enormous undertaking been successful. Sure many other fleas had spoken about it, and dreamed of it.. but none had ever had the sheer guts and determination to attempt it, let alone succeed! Every wildebeest involved had something to say, most of them exaggerated the number of the fleas, a lot exaggerated the size of the fleas … some even said that there weren’t any fleas at all, that is was all a misunderstanding.

But Zoe, Benjamin, Samantha, David and Amber knew better. After all, they were there!

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