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Fernando Invents Socks!

A Gripping Story, About the Perils of Ocean Trash.

An environmentally themed children’s picture book (ages 3-8) about a penguin (Fernando) and his friend Judith (a couch-surfing chicken) who escape almost certain disaster, save their environment, and start a lucrative up-cycling venture through a mixture of luck, pluck and ingenuity!

“Funny, engaging and smart, with an important message, ‘Fernando Invents Socks!’ is a must for any library” – scroll down to read the reviews!

  • A Smart and Topical Story for Kids

    “Fernando Invents Socks!” manages to inform kids about the dangers of ocean pollution to marine life in a clever and funny way.

  • Flowing, Double Page Spreads

    Big A4 pages flow into each other with beautiful illustrations and typography that cleverly merges with the story into each scene.

  • Amazing Infographic!

    A colourful infographic at the end introduces concepts such as ‘The Three R’s’, the causes of ocean pollution, and is a great tool for teachers and parents.

This book comes with . . .

. . . the interactive version included – look for the download links in your confirmation email!


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“The story is adorable, illustrations are impressive, and the rhyming is genius – fun reading for children who want to be a part of the solution!”

Alexander Fuller, author of “Don’t Let’s go to the Dogs Tonight”.

10 reviews for Fernando Invents Socks! A Children’s Book about saving the oceans

  1. Michelle

    My Year 1 class loved reading this book last year as part of our English Unit. We were retelling stories from different cultures. They rewrote the story in their own words as a class and then retold the story in front of a green screen. We shared the video with Brad and the students enjoyed interacting with the author. We can’t wait for the next book.

  2. Alea

    Brilliant! I teach Grade 6 (10-11 year olds) in Zimbabwe and they loved the poetry. It has a brilliant message and the children are inspired by reading a book by a fellow Zimbabwean.

  3. JulieAnn

    If you like themes about two friends finding a creative solution to a problem, making a big difference to those around them and becoming successful, then you will love this book. The friends are two adorable birds – penguin and chicken (who seem an unlikely pair, but it definitely works!) And I particularly like how it demonstrates the virtue of patience in crafting knitted socks!

    • tad (verified owner)

      Thank you Julie 🙂

  4. James A Roberts

    Rhyming, environmental story about a penguin and his friend (a chicken) encountering sea pollution at the south pole. After some quick thinking and clever ingenuity, they figure out a way to recycle the waste into something useful. The illustrations are clean, crisp and engaging. The text is presented in playful swoops across the pages which will surely entertain young readers. At the end, there are lots of environmental facts and information that parents and teachers can use to further discuss with their kids. Entertaining book with a strong, important message.

  5. Emma

    Excellent buy ! Book wonderfully written , well illustrated. Such a clever & beautiful story , easy to read aloud , with relevant message – great for young & old.
    Captivated our 3 yr old granddaughter who loves penguins & thinks Fernando is very clever

  6. Gigi Wing-Davies

    Very cute book – good rhymes and illustrations; kids enjoy it.

  7. Edward

    It’s amazing how one falls in love with these two characters in just a few pages. If, like me, you are keen on Penguins, Socks and Oceans it is the perfect book for you or someone else’s kids.

  8. Lindsey

    Amazing book – such a fantastic read and on point for focusing on recycling … brilliant for kids (and adults as I loved it!)

  9. Shaunagh

    Witty, well written and relevant. This is a story with such a great message . Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommend. I will definitely be reading it to my class of Grade 2s.

  10. Leesa

    What a beautiful book. Creative and original and such an important message for us all – young an old alike.

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