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Fernando Invents Socks!

A Gripping Story, About the Perils of Ocean Trash. (for Apple and Android devices)

A children’s interactive eBook (ages 3-8) about a penguin (Fernando) and his friend Judith (a couch-surfing chicken) who escape almost certain disaster, save their environment, and start a lucrative re-cycling business with their new skills.

An inspiring story of luck, pluck and ingenuity!

This eBook adds a whole new dimension to the story of Fernando and Judith. Each new sentence appears when the reader taps on the previous text, so that kids can read through the book entirely at their own pace!

“Funny, engaging and smart, with an important message, ‘Fernando Invents Socks!’ is a must for any library” click here to visit the print copy page and read the reviews, and there are loads more on Amazon.com 🙂

  • Children Read & Listen at Their Own Pace

    As kids click to the next sentence when they’re ready, reading along with the narrator in their own time they associate words with the correct sounds and meanings, and learn to read faster.

  • Ocean Pollution Infographic & Mini Quiz

    A big infographic with a simple quiz at the end helps explain concepts such as ‘The Three R’s’, and the causes of ocean pollution, a great teaching resource for teachers and parents.

  • Fernando & Judith Colouring-in Page

    Choosing their own colours and tools encourages children’s self-expression and creativity.

  • Clean-up-the-beach Game

    A simple little game to end off the book – just tap on the junk to get rid of it, allowing Fernando and Judith go for a swim once the beach is clean!


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“The story is adorable, illustrations are impressive, and the rhyming is genius – fun reading for children who want to be a part of the solution!”

Alexander Fuller, author of “Don’t Let’s go to the Dogs Tonight”.

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